Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's 1 am. I still can't sleep, I can only think and write.

I think to be dependent upon one's integrity it can be a game, or indeed be the real thing. But then again, even a game is real, and has to be played out in reality. Core values influence behavior and interpretation of behaviors. That said, if there are misconceptions then on either side, then there is incompatibility. If you are a player then you need to play the game smart with other players, but if you are real then you need to observe and make calculated decisions and decide what is real. Wrong decisions have a distinct advantage. You learn from them and take valuable lessons forward and enhance your judgment and your interpretations of reality. However, learning can hurt.

Self reflexion is a wonderful thing, but over analysis and being trapped in moments makes you miss new opportunities and essentially keeps you stuck in the past. Things will always move forward and if you always look for the positive and take value from your experiences then you will be stronger than most.

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