Monday, July 5, 2010

i'm loving the freedom. the late nights, laughs, city lights that shine so bright, painting, long drives, walking along the beach at night, photos, vlogs, big books, chapstick, crepes, body mods, singing, inked skin. i'm living. you lose a few, you gain a few. 'say all i need is the air i breathe and a place to rest my head'. just prayin that i'll make it in your eyes, i wouldn't want to disappoint again. 'do you think you could find it better than you had it?' i doubt it. waiting for mom to come home from work. i love my parents, i'm blessed. i'm going to cut my hair tonight, probably, maybe, yeah. so many things going on every night, but tonight, i think i'll stay home. touch base. shower for the second time, straighten my hair, chop it. i need change. well, it isn't change when you're going back to what you had.

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