Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Love My Mom

So this morning I woke up stressed and crying. I told my mom all that was bothering me and it felt great to just cry and have her hug me. I was also allowed to only show up to school for half the day so that I could study at home for the other half for I had pointless classes for my last two blocks.
After studying and doing homework (which I never got to finish) I went off to the hell of a job that I hold down and came back home with sore feet and blood shot eyes (you've got to love air conditioning)
As I sit in my room I see an envelope slide under my door. It was a card. It read this:

"When you were younger,
I don't think I understood
how great it would be one day
to talk to you as friends,
not just as your mother
and daughter.
Of course, don't get me wrong-
the parent part is important
and always has been.
Having a daughter like you
fills me with happiness
and makes me prouder
than I ever thought I would be.
But who would have guessed
how vital the friend part
would become
or how wonderful it would feel.
* I love you my beautiful, funny, interesting, full of life child- Mommy"

Wow typing that out made me tear up. We put our mothers through hell and back at times and in the end, they're still there loving us unconditionally. It takes heart, courage and strength to be a mother. I hope one day I find the patience my mom has had to put up with me.

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