Monday, March 1, 2010

Walking On A Dream.

The humans chewed wads, blowing faces into the air. Away from the putrid smell of toxins and sanitizers. Floating. Peaceful. The sun was sinking, the stars were rising. I was consumed by darkness, I was floating past Her. I was drowning in space, the stars my only nourishment. I was just a face, a face among many. I had looked around me, and saw something remarkable. A few faces coughed up their brains. Vibrantly coloured and seeping gold they floated in front of them. With tears in their eyes they knew what to do. They began to masticate their minds, grinding and chewing till it had turned into a rubbery, glistening paste. I knew at that moment what I had to do, I was so afraid to do it. I then began to heave and out came my mind, with the sea dripping from my eyes I too began to chew my wad. While I munched about, I could hear the wails of a new born coming from my mouth. I knew it was time, so I began to blow. I blew a face a new. It was myself at 4. For once I felt emotion, for once I could not think. It was sad. I gave up the pure environment I so longed for. The ride was fun, but it was time to allow another to continue my journey. I baptized the infant in my tears as she floated away. I sank, deep into Her arms. I was warm, and as I began to close my eyes, I melted. I woke up a star, being consumed by the face I had produced. I continued to give of myself as my light became dim. When it was her turn to create a new and become a star I found her. She knew who I was. My light was dying, she spared me some of hers. After a while we were a cluster of stars, shining bright for my maker. We flickered brightly, we were the Big Dipper, and I was Mizar.
I'm constantly dying, constantly being reborn.
Some call it growing.

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